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This site can be read in English, French or Spanish. The language can be selected by clicking on the links on the top right corner of the page. It is also possible to navigate linguistically from the articles, since they include direct links to the translations into other languages.

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You can return to the home page on the web site by clicking on the "Citizens’ Assembly" logo. There, you can find all the contents of the site on different thematic tabs. A click on the title of the article or on the name of the section allows you to access the contents directly, without having to go through the main menu.

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It consists of six links leading to different sections on the site. Each link allows you to enter a section and browse its various sub-sections and contents (articles). The right and left banners on the page provide contextual information and links to multimedia material (below the images). These are both internal as well as external links to other web pages.

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The articles at the bottom of the page provide specifications on :

  1. the obligatory legal aspects related to the publication of information on the web
  2. subscription to the news posted on the site through RSS flow
  3. email addresses to contact hosts to the different citizens’ assemblies
  4. how to use the site (this very article).


A large number of videos (through direct reading) are available from the page. The audiovisual documents can be read by clicking on the tabs or on the "Play" key. These are usually available in high quality (HQ), which usually requires at least a 500 Kbits/sec - 60 K oct/sec Internet connection in order to view uncut, continuous images. Should cuts or long waits occur, the HQ mode must be deactivated by clicking on the HQ key of the video placer. Thus, a 100 Kbytes/sec connection allows to watch the video with an image quality adapted to minimum Internet connections.

If on-line reading difficulties persist, then your Internet connection is undoubtedly too slow to read the data videos properly. In this case, it is highly recommended to download the videos on your computer through the links in the articles which contain the videos. Once downloaded, the videos can be easily viewed through the following light, multilingual reader: VLC player. It must also be noted that the videos to download are of high quality (512 x 288 pixels, video flow between 500 and 1000 Kbits/sec).

Documents to download

  • The video files are available for downloading in Theora and Vorbis format. Both formats can be read with VLC Player multimedia which does not require additional codecs installation on your computer in order to decompress the video formats.
  • The documents to download are in Acrobat Reader PDF format. The downloading links are normally inserted at the bottom of the articles and have additional information concerning the name and size of the file. Should you not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website.

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